Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ted Le Poop

Did a little test today, maybe some more to come on this theme
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Mark Montague said...

Great portrait. reminds me of Ronald Searle's drawing style.

Are you still busy animating in London?

Anonymous said...

Are we gonna see some New Yoik commuters cropping up on here now?

CrowPie said...

Thanks guys!

@Mark Just finished animating in London, now I'm off to Sweden then New York, crazy times!! How's you?

@Mattmit You bet you're gonna see some Nuuu Yoik commuters and maybe some Swedish ones, if I'm up to it ;)

Mark Montague said...

Sounds exciting. Are you going to New York to see the in-laws or are you working over there?

Ever since leaving Relentless I have met fantastic and talented people and now I have my dream job concepting anything I can think of.