Thursday, 7 May 2009

My scribbles on show at the Relentless Art exhibiton

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PUNKBOX said...

An art exhibit? Now thats cool. I drove to the art supply store and picked up some new brush pens and started practicing today I'll post up some of my sketches in the morning, I shared your page to my girlfriend, friend, and brother today they also agree these are great. i know you feel these are just drawing exercises but thats some skill you've developed by drawing people on the train.

CrowPie said...

Cheers, glad your girlfriend likes the sketches too!! Well I hope those brush pens work out for ya! I found it really tricky at first but keep going with it and you'll soon enjoy it! I use a Pentel cartridge brush pen if your interested to know, It's definitely the best brush pen I've used to date but let me know if you find success with any others! :)