Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Here's a rough layout of a pic I'm working on, it's currently missing a couple of important characters that will hopefully help make the narrative stronger in this picture. I will draw the other characters separately as I just couldn't get them right by drawing on top of each other on the one page, so I will paste them in later, as suggested by the bright mind of Mark (the mastermind behind Monster Love 2!) , this will be my next faze and will probably update the blog to show progression or regression?

Hopefully I can keep the boredom level up for anybody who is reading this stinky blog, by slowly adding bits and pieces to this picture, kinda like watching paint dry, YAY!!

There is not enough boredom around these days!

1 comment:

Mark Montague said...

Great picture.

Nice welcome those farmers are going to get.

Fantastic pig, perspective and composition.